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About Arlene

My name is Arlene Mains. I am a wife, mother and evidential medium. I have had an awareness of spirit since I was a small child. It was not until the unexpected passing of my older brother Shawn that I really began my purposeful unfoldment as a medium. I felt that my natural connection with spirit would only take me so far in my mediumship development. I was lucky enough to have spirit lead me to two exceptional mentors, Bill Coller and Sharon Siubis at the Inner Spiritual Center in Fairfield, New Jersey. They have been my predominant tutors for the last six years. I have studied extremely hard and have practice diligently over the years to develop my accuracy and effectiveness in my readings. I take mediumship very seriously and understand that a mediumship reading can be life changing as well as life saving. I believe in being a life time learner and will always look for new ways to learn and grow with spirit both professionally and personally.


Additionally, I feel everyone should have access to healing messages from their loved ones in spirit. I work in many spiritual churchs serving as their sunday medium giving messages and inspired talks. I donate time working platform demonstrations at many venues for fundraisers giving direct messages of evidence love and hope. I travel to Lily Dale in New York in the summers to serve as a platform medium to connect with all those that have made the trip to sit at inspiration stump or one of the many venues there. It was at Lily Dale that I made a connection to a child in spirit for his parents sitting in the front row of what looked to be a sea of people. This was the reading that would change my direction as a medium forever. It effected and moved me to my core and it was then I knew I wanted to work as hard as I could to reunite children in spirit to their parents and loved ones. This lead me to my work with Helping Parents Heal (HPH) and many other groups that help with the passing of children. I am pleased to say after 5 months of blind readings I have been officially Mark Ireland certified HPH medium

I would love to hear from you! If you have any questions or if my story resonated with you please contact me HERE.

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